Mstep - patterns in a dubmatic field vol. 2

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For the legs I purchased two 8-foot, 4" by 4" pine beams. From the best sections of these I cut four 31 1/4" pieces to make the table legs. 

To bolt these to the skirt structure, a 45 degree notch had to first be cut out of the top portion of each leg. I did this using a bandsaw with a homemade jig to hold the pieces at the correct angle.

For the bolts that get embedded into the tops of the table legs, you can purchase special table leg bolts that have coarse, lag screw-type threads on one half. You drill a hole where you want the bolt to stick out, and with a nut threaded onto the bolt side as far as it will go, you screw the lag portion down into the wood and then remove the nut. This is one option, but these fancy bolts are a little too pricey in my opinion.

I went a different route, and just threaded a regular 4-inch bolt through holes bored from the outer side of each leg, and then plugged the holes with a large dowel. This was pretty much an experiment, but I like the way it turned out and would do it again for future table legs.

The photos have additional notes on how this was all done.